Implement agile processes across Energy and Utilities.

The Appian platform helps the ever-evolving sector with adaptable processes that can be standardized across all operations.

  • Access Data to Inform Decisions
    Digitize paper processes to gain better visibility into asset data for more informed decision making.
  • Enhance Productivity in the Field
    Deliver mobile-enabled applications to improve asset tracking and operations while out in the field.
  • Improve the Longevity of Assets
    Realize more value from assets by improving utilization, performance, and auditability.
  • Drive On-the-Go Productivity
    Maximize field worker productivity through mobile-enabled applications.
  • Leverage Actionable Data
    Gain real-time visibility into field activities, resolution status, and performance.
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring the quality and consistency of service in the field.
  • Increase Efficiency in Permitting
    Automate and standardize the workflow for obtaining permits to expedite the permitting process.
  • Adhere to Regulations
    Ensure compliance by tracking and prioritizing job permits and documentation.
  • Streamline Process Execution
    Reduce average permit processing time to ensure jobs are completed on time and on budget.
  • Streamline the Project Lifecycle
    Gain insight into the entire project lifecycle for better forecasting and decision making.
  • Execute for Enhanced ROI
    Improve project execution and stakeholder communication to reduce project cycle times and maximize ROI.
  • Unify Data to Promote Efficiency
    Gain a single view of project information, statuses, and cost estimates to reduce time and costs.
  • Simplify Work With Integrations
    Integrate with existing systems, such as SAP, Oracle Primavera, Microsoft, to reduce work complexity.
  • Automate to Enhance Productivity
    Automate turnaround tasks to reduce non-productive time and end paper tracking.
  • Gain Insights to Inform Actions
    Increase collaboration and show a history of actions to better inform process and decision making.

With COBRA we were able to capture over a hundred million dollars worth of issue solutions in the first nine months of use.

- Stephan Blasilli, Corporate Development Manager, EDPR North America

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