Process Mining

Easily identify bottlenecks and take action, fast.

Discover how you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and optimize processes.

Rapid transparency and process improvement.

Focus on insights.

Mining Prep helps you transform data, significantly reducing data preparation times.

Identify bottlenecks.

Quickly discover and visualize process inefficiencies with automated root cause analysis for true process transparency.

Improve performance and results.

Monitor key metrics and KPIs to ensure conformance to process standards.

Continuous optimization.

Custom metric thresholds and automated alerts help process owners be aware of new areas for improvement.

Focus on insights, not data preparation.

Most process mining solutions rely on highly technical resources to transform your data to make it usable, with data preparation accounting for a majority of the total effort. This leaves little time for analysis and optimization. Our data preparation module, Appian Mining Prep, flips this equation. Our no-code module simplifies the preparation and transformation of your data. With pre-built process packages, Mining Prep removes the single largest friction point, helping you spend more time optimizing and improving processes.

...[Appian] focuses significantly more than its competitors on data preparation and data cleansing supporting big data, and process model enhancement capabilities.


1 Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining, September 2020

A step-by-step guide to optimize your processes.

  1. Define
  2. Measure
  3. Analyze
  4. Improve
  5. Monitor

Process Mining Glossary

Conformance Checking    |     Cycle Time    |     Event Log    |     Machine Learning    |     Process Cycle    |    Process Discovery   |    Process Engine   |    Process Execution    |    Process Management Life Cycle    |    Wait Time

Optimize your processes for peak efficiency.

  • Simplified data preparation.
    A no-code user interface and automated data transformation enables user self-service.
  • Faster time to value.
    Pre-built templates and building blocks for standard processes can be easily adapted and extended.
  • Multi-source data integration.
    Easily integrate data from multiple systems.
Insights from Process Mining
  • Visualize process inefficiencies.
    Quickly identify process bottlenecks to turn inefficiency into opportunity.  
  • Identify key variants.
    Diagnose activity changes to optimize processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Go deep into analysis.
    Create filters based on case activities, properties, and time for more granular insights.
Process Mining Map
  • Automated root cause analysis.
    Uncover underlying issues for excessive throughput times, deviations, and specific process sequences.
  • Out-of-the-box analytics.
    Pre-built dashboards provide instant insights. 
  • Customized dashboards.
    Create purpose-built dashboards for your analysis needs.
Improve Business Process Management
  • Create proactive alerts.
    Take immediate action when metric thresholds are exceeded.
  • Ensure conformance.
    Automatically detect deviations between target and actual processes.
  • Predict process behaviors.
    Intelligent machine learning predicts if and when predefined activities will happen.
Continuous Process and Workflow Improvements

Act on insights, fast.

Appian uniquely provides a unified low-code platform, enabling you to easily go from insight to action. Discover bottlenecks in processes, design optimized workflows, then automate them from within a single platform. Deliver better customer experiences and a more efficient enterprise today.

Process Design, Development, and Optimization

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